The Meaning of Vehicle Safety Ratings

When it comes to vehicle safety, it is very important to understand all aspects of the situation. Here at Route 60 Genesis, we want to help you find the information you need in order to make an informed decision. There are two major rating systems in place to score cars based on numerous safety characteristics, these are NHTSA and IIHS.

The main difference between these two is that NHTSA is a federal organization, whereas IIHS is a nonprofit that is funded by major insurance companies. 

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Applying Touch Up Paint Is Extremely Necessary

If you are unsure about using touch up paint, you should know that it is extremely necessary to use it in a variety of situations. First off, touch up paint will make your car resemble its original color. Touch up paint is used to blend into the car to make it look like rust or scratches were never there.

Another reason why touch up paint is necessary is to make your vehicle sellable. 

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Playing Fun Roadtrip Games on the Way to Your Vacation Destination

One of the ways to keep the kids entertained on your upcoming family vacation this summer is to play some roadtrip games. Here are a few popular games all the people in your vehicle will enjoy.

The I’m Going on a Picnic game is a classic that will have the kids entertained for hours. The games starts with player one selecting an item to take on the picnic that starts with the letter A, then player two says a picnic item that starts with B, and so on. Miss a letter, you are out. Last player standing wins. 

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Tips for Taking a Roadtrip on a Budget

Roadtrip season is here! These are a few tips to ensure you are spending the least amount of money possible on your next roadtrip. In order to conserve gas, start using the cruise control more often. This regulates the amount of gas instead of you pushing the gas pedal harder and harder on long trips. The longer the stretch of road, the more fuel you are going to save.

Rather than stopping at every food place along the way when the passengers are hungry, fill an ice chest with some cold cuts and condiments. 

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True or False: Motor Oil Myths

Motor oil lubricates all of the engine's moving parts and takes up contaminants in order to avoid damage the engine. Unfortunately, there are many myths about motor oil. One myth you might have heard is that synthetic oil causes oil to leak. Back in the early 1970s when synthetic oil was first introduced, it shrunk the seals, which caused leaking. Improvements have been made, and this is no longer the case.

Another myth is that you don't need a new oil filter when you change the oil. This is wrong. Always change the oil filter, because the old…

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Keep These Items in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Your friends at Route 60 Genesis wanted to make certain you had the right items packed in your roadside emergency kit.

Road flares are important because they will alert drivers that you are stuck with a disabled car on the side of the road. The flashlight is essential for making any repairs to your vehicle when stuck in the middle of the night. Be sure you bring plenty of batteries.

Tire fix-a-flat should be in your kit to allow you to get a flat tire up off that rim so you can move the vehicle further off the road. A…

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What Does All-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive Mean for You?

Every all-wheel-drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles have a component known as a transfer case. The case contains gears that transfer power between the axles depending on which wheel has the most traction. Fluid within the case keeps the gears running smoothly along with maintaining the internal temperature and inhibiting the gears from being contaminated with debris. At some point during a vehicle's lifespan, the fluid may become contaminated and break down. A damaged seal might also cause leakage.

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Check Your Engine for Overheating Problems

Overheating engines can happen unexpectedly to anyone, and is one of the major headaches of having a motor vehicle. It can cause extensive damage a car’s engine and end with major repair work needed to reverse the problem. Maintaining a cool engine is crucial to vehicle performance and safety.

To do this, regular checks of its radiator should commence once or twice every month. Antifreeze is a chemical solution that is used to elevate the engine’s temperature. Some brands must be diluted with water while others can be directly filled into the radiator’s cap.

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What Does A Serpentine Belt Do?

Back in the day when the automobile was young, a belt that was connected to the crankshaft drove the car’s cooling system. The belt ran from the crankshaft to the water pump and the fan. Together, these parts kept fluid running through the engine to cool it down and wafted air through the radiator to cool the water. Today, the serpentine does much more than that.

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